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Sätergården på sommaren

Satergarden in the summertime

Welcome to the Homepage of Satergardens Pensionat

Enjoy a pleasant stay in an oldfashioned relaxing environment at Satergarden boarding-house.

Satergarden is beautifully located with an spectacular view of the lake Siljan, just 6 kilometers north-west of the town Rattvik along highway 70 to Mora. From the boarding-house it is only a 10 minute walk to the beach, 7 km to Dalhalla, 4 km to Nittsjo cheramic factory and 7 km to Karl-Tovasen chalets and the golf-course in Rattvik. The boarding-house was built in the 1920's and is the only remaining boarding-house in Vikarbyn.

During the summertime there are plenty of berries and mushrooms in the nearby surroundings. There are also great possibilites of fishing in nearby rivers, seas and deep forest tarns. Fishing trips can be arranged.

In the wintertime there are great possibilitis of length-skiing just "around the corner" and downhill skiing in Rattvik. The boarding-house is stratigically located for Vasaloppet, just 30 km from Mora.